“Everyone who has followed me for a while knows I am forever on a quest to slow the aging process. Yes, most of my blog and social content focuses on anti-aging through a healthy diet and exercise but we all could use a little extra help. At 44, I have chronicled many of the innovative treatments I have done to help here on my blog.

I was so excited to learn about Union Square Laser Dermatology, practice with two locations in Manhattan, offering cutting-edge cosmetic procedures. What makes them so unique is that all procedures are performed by board-certified dermatologists at the top of their field. Even the best devices risk complications when performed by someone that is not properly skilled.

When I reached out to Union Square Derm it was originally with interest in Ultherapy. My concerns were drooping/sagging in my lower face; the beginning of jowling, a heavy look in eyelids, along with the standard lines and wrinkles. I wanted my eyebrows and eyes to appear more lifted and my jaw to look firm and tight. The practice listened to my concerns (via a virtual consult by the way) and recommended a newer technology called Sofwave™.  While Ultherapy is very painful and involves a sedative, Sofwave™ was well-tolerated, administered in the office and you can return your activities the same day.

I met Dr.Mac Gregor for the first time in the office in early December. She carefully reviewed my before photos and recommended some light filler, diluted and strategically scattered throughout my face.  Despite the fact that I had never had fillers before I hadn’t sworn them off for good and her approach seemed easy and not at all drastic. She explained the device worked better when paired with filler in this way (more on my decision to move forward with fillers in an upcoming post). She somehow managed to make me feel completely comfortable with the process. She explained I would look just like me, only better! The Sofwave™ treatment would then follow,  taking about 45 minutes and only requiring topical numbing. She explained it as a highly effective noninvasive technology solution for wrinkle reduction and tighteningThe plus and minus? The results take time and I wouldn’t see a noticeable improvement for about three months, but once completed, you only need to do the treatment once per year.

So what is Sofwave™?

Sofwave™ is a breakthrough ultrasound technology.  It is a brand new device on the market that uses proprietary high intensity, low divergence, multiple ultrasound beam technology for non-invasive directional skin tightening & improvement in fine lines and wrinkles. No previous technology has fixed in a satisfactory way the sagging and crepiness, especially in the neck.

How does it work?

The device makes micro-injuries directly to the mid-dermis, which is a very important layer in creating skin tightening. There are 7 high-frequency ultrasound beams that propagate through the tissue and simultaneously create an array of volumetric cylindrical shaped (3D) thermal zones, thereby creating tissue heating and generating new collagen and then contraction of the tissue, tightening it and improving fines lines. The integrated cooling mechanism in the handpiece protects the epidermis and assists in focusing the effect in the mid-dermis.

Facts about Sofwave™

  • Non-invasive & Fast treatment ~45 minutes for full face
  • Clinically safe, proven efficacy with high patient satisfaction
  • Multiple ultrasound beams deliver energy simultaneously
  • Achieves beneficial effects with minimal penetration while ensuring no damage to the epidermis or to underlying structures

How does Sofwave™ technology differ from existing Ultrasound technologies?

It’s faster and more effective. Sofwave’s™ proprietary Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology SUPERB™ creates a significant clinical effect in half the time. The first-generation Ultrasound device, HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound), which has captured momentum over the past few years, has shown medium efficacy. In addition, HIFU has been associated with multiple drawbacks, among them, limited treatment areas, a complex treatment protocol, excessive pain and additional adverse effects, such as burns and injury to nerves. Ultherapy uses micro-focused (MFU) ultrasound beams. Some patients have associated fat loss with their Ultherapy treatments, and a recent study linked the treatment to “subcutaneous tissue edema with resulting atrophy,” the swelling and subsequent shrinking of soft tissue. Sofwave only targets the tissue in the mid-dermis (1.5mm) and doesn’t go deeper, unlike some of the other devices, which could potentially cause volume loss in some of the tissues.

How did it feel?

I found the treatment very tolerable, much more so that the high-frequency,  microneedling/skin remodeling treatments I have done like Morpheus8.

What does recovery look like?

There is no recovery because the Sofwave device is completely non-invasive. Patients can leave the office and go right back to their daily activities without anyone noticing. I wasn’t the slightest bit bruised or sore, just a little red, and that subsided later that evening.

And the Results….

I can expect to see noticeable improvement beginning at one month with continued improvement peaking at about the three-month mark. Collagen regeneration can take time so patients are expected to see ongoing improvements.

I am excited for my follow-ups with Dr. MacGregor to address the filler we did as well. I will be sharing more about that in my next post. See photos on results from Sofwave on their website.”


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