All rights reserved Copyright 2020 Sofwave TM
All rights reserved Copyright 2020 Sofwave TM

Sofwave Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology

Sofwave is making waves! Physician Testimonials with an overview of why Sofwave would fit into your practice.

Does Sofwave really work? Dr. Christopher Zachary

Dr. Zachary discusses his experience and patient experience with the Sofwave non-invasive procedure for fine lines and wrinkles of the face.

Dra. Virginia Benitez Roig from Spain talks Sofwave!

Dr. Benitez's interview on how Sofwave wrinkle reduction treatments have made an impact in her office even during the pandemic.

Did You Know? At Dr. Hendrick's

Sofwave patients getting treated for facial lines and wrinkles all over the country! Dr. Hendrick's office in Orange County

Wrinkles Reduction Patient Testimonial

Dr. Annie Buinewicz's patient tells all about how her experience with Sofwave was a positive one.

Sofwave Patient Testimonial

No Restrictions! Sofwave patients can return back to their daily routines, a true lunchtime procedure

Patient Testimonial With Dr. Shawn Horn

The full face treatment she had with Sofwave Synchronous Ultrasound parallel Beam Technology SUPERB!

Atomic Dermatology and Dr. Shawn

A great patient discussion regarding Sofwave and skincare. Dr. Shawn Horn gets the treatment for the first time!