All rights reserved Copyright 2020 Sofwave TM
All rights reserved Copyright 2020 Sofwave TM

Softwave Before & After

Courtesy of Dr.Arielle Kauvar & Dr.Roy Geronemus
Face Before Before
Neck Before Before
Neck After After
Submental Before Before
Submental After After
Before After

Post 1 Treatment; 3 month FU

My Sofwave Story

My Sofwave Story

Jason Bloom, MD

“One of things that I love about Sofwave’s Technology is that it is based on Ultrasound, which is safe and has been used for many years. It allows energy to penetrate through the top layer of skin, the epidermis, and target the dermis which is where that skin contraction needs to come from. The science and the energy just make sense.”

“I just bought the Sofwave system, because the device has everything that I’ve been looking for. I wanted something that helps treat fine lines and wrinkles, and skin tightening around the face and neck area. There is not a lot available on the market that’s comfortable, that is the right price for patients and which is essentially a “one and done” treatment. This treatment will allow me to offer it to patients in my office, where they can come in and get treated with no downtime and then they are happy afterwards, with real results.”

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