Today, advanced aesthetics provide amazing methods and effective treatments to maintain and improve our skin as we age. Since many of these procedures are non-invasive, they are much safer than surgical methods. Advanced aesthetics is also a more affordable service, with many skincare professionals offering money-saving discounts and specials, inspiring both men and women to pick up their phones to make an appointment for cosmetic dermatology. Needless to say, the aesthetics business is booming!

The Sky is The Limit

Advanced aesthetics treatments cover an array of services for patients, including:

  • Skin rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments
  • Improvements in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage repair
  • Acne/facial scarring treatments
  • Face, forehead, and neck lifts
  • Skin resurfacing
  • Brightening and hyperpigmentation treatments
  • Body contouring/sculpting
  • Removal of unwanted hair
The Sky is The Limit

In addition to topical products and facials, skincare professionals use dermal fillers and collagen injections to fill in wrinkled areas, reducing wrinkles and smoothing out facial skin and crow’s feet.

Botulinum toxin injections are another popular treatment for treating wrinkles and immobilizing facial muscles.

Fat transfer procedures remove fat from one part of the body and inject it into another to fill in and smooth wrinkles.

Photodynamic rejuvenation – Uses light sources, such as lasers and pulsed light, to improve skin conditions.

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling techniques and laser/light resurfacing treatments – Soften facial/neck wrinkles and crow’s feet around the eyes.

Ultrasound therapy – Uses a non-invasive technique to lift skin on the face, neck, and chin.

Body contouring – Freezes and kills fat cells, enabling the patient’s body to eliminate these cells, thus reducing stubborn pockets of fat and creating a shapelier body.

Body contouring

Dermal fillers and botulinum toxin products – Dermal fillers are injectable gels that help restore skin volume. Skincare specialists evaluate patients to determine the appropriate filler to use. Softer fillers can be used in the lips, for example, while sturdier fillers might be recommended to enhance cheekbone contours. Botulinum toxins are neurotoxins injected into the skin to block nerve signals to muscles. As a result, injected facial muscles can’t contract, reducing wrinkles.

Laser treatments – Laser treatments stimulate collagen production to resurface and tighten skin, reduce wrinkles, diminish age spots, even out skin tone and texture, and repair sun-damaged skin. Other services include unwanted hair removal, in which a laser device emits pulses of light energy that penetrate the skin and destroy hair follicles.

Ultrasound treatments in dermatology – Ultrasound services were introduced to dermatology in 1979. Today, high-frequency ultrasound enables high-resolution skin imaging to enhance diagnostic, management, and treatment capabilities.

Ultrasound treatments in dermatology

Recent Innovations:

Sofwave™ unveils next-generation ultrasound technology

In 2020, Sofwave™ revealed its cutting-edge Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam (SUPERB™) technology, which protects skin via a controlled, elongated, and directional thermal coagulation at a measured depth of 1.5 mm in the mid-dermis – and the system’s Sofcool™ cooling mechanism, which protects the uppermost skin layer from burning.

FDA-approved Sofwave™ ultrasound procedure

In 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared Sofwave™ services to reduce facial lines and wrinkles, lift the eyebrow, and lift the lax skin of submental and neck tissues.

Sofwave™ is appropriate for all skin types

Sofwave™ procedure provides natural results appropriate for all skin types while maintaining a high safety profile. Ultrasound absorption is determined by the microscopic and bulk mechanical properties of tissue and is independent of skin color or pigmentation.

B&A Sofwave treatment
B&A Sofwave
B&A Sofwave procedure

No discomfort and no surgery required

These treatments are ideal for patients, as Sofwave™ procedures require no needles or incisions. Clients typically achieve ideal outcomes through one 45-minute treatment administered by a trained and dedicated practitioner. No need to go through hours of treatment!

Sofwave™ recognized as best technology in the industry

This year, Sofwave™ treatments were named “Best Game Changer” on the market today in Cosmopolitan’s Holy Grail Beauty Awards – and NewBeauty recognized Sofwave™ as having the “Best Latest in Ultrasound” in its April 2022 Beauty Awards. Sofwave™ was also the recipient of a 2022 Skin Award from SHAPE magazine. And, in 2021, Sofwave™ was honored as best in the In-Office Skin Treatment category in Elle’s 2021 Future of Beauty Awards.

best technology in the industry


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