The Science

Sofwave “ideal” low divergence multiple beam array is delivered via 7 cooled transducers directly coupled to the epidermis.

This novel configuration is a significantly better to precisely deliver energy to our target than an extracorporeal HIFU transducer. HIFU based technologies are physically challenged to deliver energy to 1.5mm depth without high levels of patient discomfort and potential risk of epidermal injury

Sofwave Facial and Neck Treatment Demonstration and Principles

By Dr. Ruthie Amir
Non-Invasive Treatment for fine lines and wrinkles of the neck and face

Smart Mode of Action. Volumetric Directional Thermal Impact (VDTI)

The high-frequency ultrasound beams propagate through the tissue and create an array of volumetric cylindrical-shaped 3D thermal zones in the dermis separated by regions of undamaged tissue, thereby creating a fractional effect in the mid dermis.

The fractional ultrasound effect creates a controlled and directional, thermal impact (60-70°C) parallel to the skin, at an optimal depth of 1.5mm in the mid-dermis.The targeted treatment zones stimulate an inflammatory wound- healing response involving neocollagenesis and neoelastoegensis all of which lead to the reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and restoration of natural skin features.

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Smart Mode of Action. Volumetric Directional Thermal Impact (VDTI)