Sofwave™ Granted U.S. Patent Covering Key Elements of the Company’s Proprietary SUPERB™ Non-Surgical Skin and Collagen Remodeling Technology

San Clemente, california, OCTOBER 18, 2022/ globenewswire/ – Sofwave Medical Ltd (“the Company”) (TASE: SOFW), an emerging leader in energy-based non-invasive, aesthetic medical devices for practitioners worldwide, announced the approval for patent application US20190105520A1, by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The approval grants U.S. patent protection for key features of the Company’s proprietary SUPERB™ (“Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam”) technology.
  • The patent protects key features of SUPERB’s ultrasound applicator and cooling technology.
  • First U.S. patent is in addition to previously issued IP in China and HK.
  • The Company currently has an additional 29 patents pending globally.

Louis Scafuri, Sofwave’s Chief Executive Officer

“We are pleased to have received approval for our first U.S. patent application for Sofwave’s ultrasound transducer array and cooling module. The two key technologies allow for the safe application of synchronous ultrasound energy into the middle dermis collagen layer of a patient’s skin while simultaneously cooling the top surface layer. This next generation approach comfortably remodels collagen and further enhances the skin’s appearance. Sofwave’s method is a leap forward as compared to conventional invasive skin resurfacing treatments, which carry the risk of side effects and are associated with significant recovery time. The ability of the SUPERB™ technology to successfully and safely heat tissue and stimulate  generation of new collagen and elastin is a critical differentiator for Sofwave.”

The issued patent protects two key technology elements in particular:

  1. The transducer array, which is used to convert and transfer ultrasound pulse energy into a patient’s skin and allows for treatment to occur.
  2. The cooling module, which maintains surface temperatures of a cooling surface at a constant low temperature, significantly reducing the potential for thermal damage to the outer layer of a patient’s skin surface, allowing for safe and effective clinical results.

This new approved patent is in addition to Sofwave’s existing issued IP in China and Hong Kong (HK). The Company has an additional 29 patents pending globally and continues to focus on further building the IP around its innovative technology.

About Sofwave Medical

Sofwave Medical Ltd. has implemented an innovative approach to wrinkle reduction and lifting using proprietary breakthrough technology. Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology is FDA-cleared to improve facial lines and wrinkles, lifting the eyebrow and lifting lax submental tissue (beneath the chin) and neck tissue providing physicians with smart yet simple, effective, and safe aesthetic solutions for their patients. Contact: [email protected]

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