Sofwave Market Approvals For SUPERB™ Non-Invasive Wrinkle Reduction Technology Now Extends to Taiwan
  • Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration, Division of Medical Devices and Cosmetics, grants Sofwave regulatory approval to market Sofwave featuring SUPERB technology

San Clemente, california, December 21, 2022/ globenewswire/ – Sofwave Medical Ltd (“the Company”) (TASE: SOFW), an emerging leader in energy-based non-invasive, aesthetic medical devices, today announced Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration, Division of Medical Devices & Cosmetics, has given approval to market Sofwave’s™ SUPERB Technology in Taiwan.

Drivers of Asia-Pacific’s Aesthetic Medicine Market Include1:

  • Increasing adoption of minimally invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.
  • Growing significance of energy-based aesthetic market
  • Hospital investments in aesthetic medicine solutions
  • Influence of popular culture and social media particularly to patients ages 22-25 years old

Louis Scafuri, Sofwave’s Chief Executive Officer

“We continue to track strongly against Sofwave’s near-term commercial expansion plans in the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting this progress is the growth of Taiwan’s medical aesthetic device market, ranked among the top 3 in Asia and estimated to contribute around $1.4 billion to Taiwan’s gross domestic product and continues to rise(2). For providers, Sofwave’s noninvasive wrinkle reduction and lifting solution provides consistent results across all skin types, is easy to deploy, and importantly also has a superior ROI model over conventional aesthetic energy-based technologies which includes safe deployment and treatment delegation to clinic staff.”

The Company also has regulatory submissions pending in other large markets including the People’s Republic of China, Japan and Mexico. Additionally, Sofwave has also recently U.S. Food and Drug Administration clearance to expand SUPERB’s treatment indications to be used for the short-term improvement in the appearance of cellulite


Sofwave’s state-of-the-art SUPERB™ (Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam) Technology addresses the growing demand for non-invasive treatments that deliver noticeable wrinkle reduction. The device’s seven cooled transducers are directly coupled to the epidermis, creating a unique 3D array of volumetric thermal zones that deliver parallel energy simultaneously, heating precisely at the right depth in the mid-dermis to improve the overall appearance. A single Sofwave treatment reduces facial wrinkles in a fast 30 to 45 minute non-invasive treatment with no interruption to a patient’s daily routine or post-treatment discomfort.

About Sofwave Medical

Sofwave Medical Ltd. has implemented an innovative approach to wrinkle reduction lifting and cellulite using proprietary breakthrough technology. SUPERB™, Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology is FDA-cleared to improve facial lines and wrinkles, lifting the eyebrow and lifting lax submental tissue (beneath the chin) and neck tissue  and the short term improvement in the appearance of cellulite providing physicians with smart yet simple, effective, and safe aesthetic solutions for their patients Contact: [email protected]

Investor Contact:

Brian Ritchie

LifeSci Advisors LLC

(212) 915-2578

[email protected]


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