Sofwave™ Technology Wins Major Beauty Awards -- 2022 Adding To The 2021 Elle Award

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sofwave™ Medical Ltd (TASE: SOFW), an emerging leader in energy-based non-invasive, aesthetic medical devices for practitioners worldwide, is thrilled to announce it has been honored with multiple beauty awards wins in international publications for its game-changing ultrasound technology to revitalize the skin through innovative stimulation of the production of new collagen.

Cosmopolitan, NewBeauty, and SHAPE Name Sofwave™ Technology the Industry’s Best

This year, the Cosmopolitan Holy Grail Beauty Awards awarded Sofwave for “Best Game Changer: Sofwave Treatment” in their Winning Product Category. Further, NewBeauty recognized Sofwave as the award winner for “Best Latest in Ultrasound” in its April 2022 Beauty Awards. SHAPE also released their 2022 Skin Award naming Sofwave a “winner to help achieve your healthiest complexion.” These awards add to the highly prestigious award that Sofwave received from Elle in 2021.

Louis Scafuri, Sofwave’s Chief Executive Officer

“Expanding our reach and receiving these coveted beauty awards in highly regarded and very popular publications is a great recognition of the growing strength of our brand. We are exceeding our goals of penetrating the consumer market, reaching over 250,000 followers across all media channels. Sofwave technology continues to be enthusiastically received by physicians and consumers.”

Dr. Shimon Eckhouse, CEO, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Co-Founder of Sofwave Medical

“We are honored to receive these industry award accolades for ‘Best Game Changer,’ ‘Best Latest in Ultrasound’ and ‘help achieve your healthiest skin complexion,’ underscoring Sofwave’s game-changing ultrasound technology. We will continue to develop innovative products that advance the medical aesthetics industry and meet the needs of our customers and their patients.”


Sofwave Medical Ltd. has implemented an innovative approach to wrinkle reduction and lifting using proprietary breakthrough technology. Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam technology is FDA-cleared to improve facial lines and wrinkles, lifting the eyebrow, and lifting lax submental tissue (beneath the chin) and neck tissue providing physicians with smart yet simple, effective, and safe aesthetic solutions for their patients.—-2022-adding-to-the-2021-elle-award-301547276.html?tc=eml_cleartime

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