Take it on the Chin and Get Ahead in life

Want to get ahead in life?

A trim, toned chin may be your ticket to success in the boardroom, on the big screen and everywhere else.

Fully 90 percent of CEOs from Fortune 500 companies have prominent chins, according to a study presented at the World Congress on Liposuction Surgery and Advances in Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai, and a strong jawline (ala actor Brad Pitt and actress Angelina Jolie) has always been a Hollywood must-have trait. And it’s not just CEOs and A-listers and CEO’s who benefit from and desire a more contoured, distinguished chin. Chin surgeries soared when Face Time and other video chatting services first became popular. In fact, some plastic surgeons have begun offering a “FaceTime Facelift” to improve the way you look when video-chatting largely by focusing on your lower face and chin. The demand for chin re-shaping surgeries will likely peak again in the post COVID-19 era due to all of the time we spend on Zoom and other video conferencing apps that tend to accentuate our chin (often in a not-so-flattering manner).

Gilly Munavalli

According to Dermatologist Gilly Munavalli in Charlotte, N.C., “I often see patients who come in because they are concerned about fine lines and wrinkles of their lower face. The chin and jawline area can often show signs of aging in the form of laxity and submental fullness. This softening usually occurs over time and the tissues may benefit from skin firming treatments”.

There are many ways to improve the shape of your chin including chin surgery (mentoplasty). During this procedure, your doctor augments your chin using an implant. In addition, a lower facelift or chin liposuction can get rid of extra submental fat or the much-maligned double chin, but these surgeries do confer their fair share of risks and downtime.

Know Your Options: Chin Lift Without Surgery

So, what are your best options for a chin lift without surgery?

Many leading aesthetic physicians are excited about Sofwave®, a breakthrough ultrasound technology that helps boost the production of collagen and elastin under your skin’s surface for a non-surgical chin lift and tight, toned chin. Collagen and elastin are the structural proteins that give our skin the supple, elastic properties of youth, but our supply declines to start at age 20 (yikes), according to the Cleveland Clinic.

With the Sofwave® chin lifting procedure, sound waves penetrate deep enough to target your skin’s collagen maker (the dermis) without damaging your skin’s upper layers or any structures beneath the dermis such as bones, facial nerves, facial fat, and blood vessels. This energy revs up collagen and elastin production, firming sagging skin for a younger-looking lower face and chin.

Chin lift Without surgery: The biggest advantage

The best part of the Sofwave® chin-lifting procedure?

Dr. Munavalli

“Sofwave® delivers impressive results in as little as one session,” says Dr. Munavalli.

Typically, two treatments are needed for desired chin-lifting results, which is much fewer than other energy-based technologies on they, market. Each treatment takes only about 30 to 40 minutes.

More benefits for a Non-Surgical Double Chin Lift

Chin reshaping surgery involves an incision either under your chin or inside your mouth, where the gum and lower lip meet. Your surgeon creates a space where a synthetic implant can be inserted and then sutures up the incision. During chin reduction surgery, incisions are made either in your mouth or under your chin and your surgeon sculpts the bone to a more desirable size, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).

There is some discomfort after these procedures, and prescription pain medications may be needed. You also won’t be able to chew for a while. Your doctor will recommend a liquid and soft food diet for a few days after surgery. The swelling abates after about six weeks.

By contrast, you can go back to your life immediately after non-surgical chin lift with Sofwave®, there are no restrictions on what you can eat. Results will appear gradually, but visible improvement can be seen after one treatment.

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